How It Works

How It Works

It’s the friendly tech support you’ve always wanted.

A lot of small businesses get stuck struggling with tech & marketing tasks. How to edit WordPress pages, start selling on Instagram, optimize SEO, block spam emails, or build an online shop. This stuff isn’t easy. We get it. And we think you deserve real support from someone who’s been there and build that.

That’s why we offer private help sessions with an experienced pro who can show you how to build this stuff, step by step. 

A virtual help session is live video support – just focused on your project’s needs and your tech to-do list.

1 Hour Help Session

  • Live videochat with an expert.
  • Share your screen, work collaboratively.
  • Get immediate answers to specific questions.
  • Work on the fixes right away, with an expert’s guidance.
web expert online meeting with a pro

Why 1 Hour?

Because unless you put it on the calendar, it’s not going to get done. Period.

Here are examples of tasks accomplished in a 1-hour help session:

  • Fix broken web page(s).
  • Start selling products on your website.
  • Plan social media content for the next 3 months.
  • Caption your videos and learn web accessibility tips and tricks.
  • Help choosing between WordPress / Squarespace / Shopify / Wix etc.
  • Build an email list and set up your first MailChimp email.
  • Change website colors, fonts and logo.
  • See where website visitors are coming from.
  • Launch your first Instagram ad campaign.

Who Are The Experts?

You’ll be paired up with the right expert from the Anita Expert team to help you with your specific needs. If you need a WordPress expert – we’ll pair you up with a WordPress expert. We’ve got Social Media experts, Google Ads experts and SEO experts too.

What do you need help with?

Team of web expert consultants woman owned business

Talk live, with an expert

1-on-1 private help session with screen sharing.

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Finally, someone who gets it.

Digital Marketing is challenging and always changing. One day you need a website, the next day you need an Instagram, Pinterest or a TikTok to grow your business online.

If only you had a pro to guide you through it, someone to save you tons of time and money and help you avoid bad decisions – so you can build it confidently and grow your business.

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