How It Works

Ask a web expert

Tech can be a struggle when you don’t have someone to go to with specific questions. We solve that problem.

Our web experts have built hundreds of small business websites, online shops, advertising campaigns and Social Media strategies. 

We teach you how to do it – in a private videochat so you can ask all your questions, and get to work.


Step 1

Pick a Topic

Step 2

Schedule a Videochat Help Session

Talk to an expert, 1-on-1 and get answers to your toughest tech questions. Show your project and get actionable pro feedback. It’s your uninterrupted productive time – we’re here to help.

web expert online meeting with a pro

What's a Help Session?

Help sessions are a live chat with a web expert. We use easy screen sharing software so you can show a web expert what you're working on and they can show you how to fix it fast.

Who will I meet with?

You’ll be paired up with a helpful web expert form the Anita Expert team

If you need a WordPress expert – we’ll pair you up with a WordPress expert. If you need Social Media help – we’ve got Social Media experts too. 

Team of web expert consultants woman owned business

How much does it cost?

Our experts charge  $150 per hour. 
In that hour you’ll get tons of pro tips, tricks, free tools and links specific to your project.  Bring your to-do list. We’ll work on the problem together.

We teach you how to do it, so you don’t need to pay a freelancer next time.

1 Hour

$ 150 per hour
  • Easy Virtual Meeting
  • Get matched with the right expert
  • Schedule it online
  • 1 particpant

3 Hours

Bundle & Save
$ 125 per hour
  • Easy Virtual Meetings
  • Get matched with the right expert
  • Schedule 1-3 sessions online
  • 1 participant
  • Bundle & Save
Save $75

8 Hours

Expert Mentorship for Projects
$ 120 per hour
  • Ideal for training a new hire
  • Easy Virtual Meetings
  • Get matched with the right expert
  • Create a Training Schedule
  • Free weekly quick-answer calls
  • Take-home resource guide w/ links
  • 1 to 3 participants from your team
Save $240

What we can accomplish together in 1 hour:


  • Launch an email marketing campaign.
  • Change website colors, fonts and other styling.
  • Set up & connect social media accounts.
  • Start selling products or services online.
  • Plan your social media content for the next 3 months.
  • Launch a blog.
  • Answer those WordPress / Squarespace / Shopify questions that have been driving you nuts.

Or you could, ummm… Google for days.

Most projects that hit obstacles end up stalling out. We Google it, we find a tutorial, we try to follow it – but we get stuck.

And then we quit, because the answers are too confusing or too hard to apply.

For a small business, quitting that project means losing out on sales. 

We hate to see this happen. We know you don’t have extra time to waste. 

Let’s get that project to the finish line.

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