Get help from an independent MailChimp expert.

Hire a MailChimp expert for 1 hour of help.

Live, professional help session, via Zoom.

Talk with an email marketing expert who can show you how to optimize your MailChimp campaigns.

  • Why do my newsletters go to spam?
  • How can I improve my click rates?
  • Help me grow my subscriber list.

Ask an expert – and get to work.


I had so many questions and ideas and within 15 minutes a clear simple plan was explained so I could get moving in the direction that makes perfect sense.

Deb Bonner

Step 1

Schedule a help session.

You choose the day and the time, and bring your questions. 

Friendly MailChimp Experts

MailChimp Do-it-yourselfers are welcome here.

There are no bad questions. We’ll answer them all, and customize training to your exact needs.


They teach you how to do it yourself which for me, is my favorite part. Highly recommend for those that are looking to learn.

Jose Romo-Puerta, Detroit, MI

How it works:

In a private MailChimp help session you get the undivided attention of an expert. Meet via videochat, share screens and learn how to fix that broken website. You pick the time, we’ll see you on Zoom.

A help session is a live 1-on-1 video chat with an expert. This is your chance to get quick skilled help on your project. In 1 hour we will roll up our sleeves and get to work together to fix the problem, teach you how it’s done and answer all your questions.

We get a lot done in a 1 hour help session. The cost is $149. 

Pay only $99 when you use coupon code FIRST (a $50 savings for first-time customers.)

Yes. Schedule a live help session where we’ll get to work right away.

Yes. Share your screen and show us what you’re working on, and we’ll help you fix it fast.

No. We will never ask you for your passwords.

Instead, with screen sharing we can guide you step by step through the fixes you need. This way you never have to share logins with anyone or compromise your security. How cool is that?

No. You’ll only pay for 1 help session at a time. No strings attached. 

But you know you can always reach out to book a 2nd session if you need more help – right? We’re here when you need us.

We currently have experts in the United States, Canada, and South Africa. Many of our experts live and work in Michigan, where Anita Expert was founded.

Can you help me with _________?

Tell us more about your project and where you’re stuck. We’ll listen and help you find the right help for what you’re trying to do. It never hurts to ask.

Schedule a MailChimp Help Session

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