How to get help with eCommerce

Pick the brain of a pro who builds WooCommerce shops with hundreds of SKUs, and SEO optimized Shopify stores. Ask us anything.

  • Which plugins are worth purchasing?
  • What’s the right eCommerce platform for my store?
  • How should I categorize my products and navigation?

Schedule a live chat and get all of the tips and tricks from an eCommerce pro who can show you how.

Meet the eCommerce experts

Melissa Davis

Digital Problem Solver, Social Media Expert, Digital Marketing, Branding Specialist

RJ Mey

Front-End Web Developer, WordPress & WooCommerce Specialist

How it works

• Pick a time & the expert you’d like to work with.

• Meet via videochat.

• Share your screen. Ask questions. Get to work – together.

• Get answers. Make quick progress.

• Wahoo! You did it! 🎉🎉🎉

web expert online meeting with a pro

They teach you how to do it yourself which for me, is my favorite part. Highly recommend for those that are looking to learn.

Jose, Detroit, MI

Learn how to do it, step-by-step.

So you won't have to hire a eCommerce freelancer next time.

"You gave me the confidence and the exact tools I needed to transfer my old blog and change my domain name."
Mary Aviles
EarlyWorks LLC, Detroit

What Does It Cost?

 We understand how busy you are. And we know you’re making every dollar count.

So we developed pricing that costs the least amount for the biggest results.

That’s why we meet in quick & productive sessions – 1 hour at a time. 

Why 1 hour? Because 1 hour is enough time to get quick answers and get to work. If you know you’ll need more help than that – we have some helpful 3-hour and 8-hour packages with built-in savings and bonus perks.

1 Hour

$ 150 per hour
  • Easy Virtual Meeting
  • Get matched with the right expert
  • Schedule it online
  • 1 particpant

3 Hours

Prepay and Save
$ 125 per hour
  • Easy Virtual Meetings
  • Get matched with the right expert
  • Schedule 1-3 sessions online
  • 1 participant
  • Save $75
Save $75

8 Hours

Expert Mentorship for Projects
$ 120 per hour
  • Ideal for training a new hire
  • Easy Virtual Meetings
  • Get matched with the right expert
  • Create a Training Schedule
  • Free weekly quick-answer calls
  • Take-home resource guide w/ links
  • 1 to 3 participants from your team
Save $240

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts live and work in the United States and Canada. Many of us come from Michigan where our company was founded. (Detroit represent!)

Here are a few examples of what we’ve done in a 1hr help session:

  • Launch an email marketing campaign.
  • Change website colors, fonts and other styling.
  • Set up & connect social media accounts.
  • Start selling products or services online.
  • Plan your social media content for the next 3 months.
  • Launch a blog.
  • Answer those WordPress / Squarespace / Shopify questions that have been driving you nuts.

Hours never expire. They’re yours to use whenever you’d like – even if help session prices increase in the future.

For a 1 hour help session, you won’t be charged until after your help session.

For 3-hour and 8-hour packages we require prepayment. This locks in your discount. Click “get started” below to complete your discount package purchase.

We accept all major credit cards.

Yes. For our 3 and 8 hour packages we can invoice your company. Just send us a message with your specific request and we’ll get rollin’.

We did, but at this time due to COVID-19 restrictions we’re only offering virtual help sessions. We find online meetings to be equally helpful – and even more convenient. Try it and see how nice it is to be one click away from an expert’s help.

We are. Our founder Laura Eagin is an accomplished web designer, teacher and savvy entrepreneur. After years of running a web design agency and teaching coding workshops she noticed that something was missing. There simply was never enough time to help folks who had specific questions about their websites and digital marketing tools – so a business was born.

We are happy to help anyone with their web projects – regardless of their gender.

But, thank you for noticing how many amazing women are on our team. They’re pretty great, and they’re amazing at what they do.

Yes. We’re hiring tech-savvy web experts who love to help others. Learn more and apply.

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