Talk with someone who actually knows Brand Strategy

Talk with someone who actually knows Brand Strategy

Get help with the tough design decisions. Talk to a designer and brand strategist and craft a custom plan for your business. Get help picking the right color or font for your website. Get an outside perspective on the design decisions you’ve been obsessing over. With some help, you’ll be able to create a brand with intention – not just a logo but a clear vision for who you are and what sets your brand apart.

Brand Strategy Experts

Available for 1-on-1 help sessions.

Get answers from a Brand Strategy expert, in real-time with video screensharing.

Why should I hire a Brand Strategy expert for training?


She took time to make sure I understood what I was doing and how it would help my business. She was passionate, personable and patient.

J. Jones, Detroit, MI


They teach you how to do it yourself which for me, is my favorite part. Highly recommend for those that are looking to learn.

Jose, Detroit, MI

Step 1

Schedule a help session.

You choose the day and the time, and bring your questions.

Step 2

Meet via Video Chat.

Have the undivided attention of a pro in a live video chat. Share your screen. Get clear answers. Solve it together.

web expert online meeting with a pro

High Five!

You did it! And you get the credit for getting it done. Next time, you’ll know how to do it even faster.

Can you help me with _________?

Tell us more about your project and where you’re stuck. We’ll listen and help you find the right help for what you’re trying to do. It never hurts to ask.

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