Expert Web Developer, Accessibility Specialist

Aisha is a teacher, accessibility advocate and web developer specializing in WordPress, React and GatsbyJS. 

She’s an advanced coder who can jump right into any project. If you’re working to solve a bug – ask Aisha to help you troubleshoot and fix it fast.

Have you tested your website for accessibility?

Aisha can quickly show you if it passes or fails key web accessibility standards and explain why. Work to fix those accessibility issues in real-time, or train your team so that accessibility standards are part of your project from day 1.

Struggling to set up MailChimp?

Aisha can show you how to import your list and integrate tools for automation and data tracking.

Aisha has a deep love for the tech community. She is a coding bootcamp instructor in Detroit and also organizes inclusive tech conferences – including the very cool and clever <title of conf> – a musical conference for the tech community.

Request a help session with Aisha

1-hour of live support, on your current project.
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