We’re Hiring

We’re looking for experts who know their stuff and love to teach.

We offer flexible hours, good pay, fully remote work, and an opportunity to connect with a small but fantastic team of experts. You’ll be in good company.

Currently seeking to fill the following roles:

What defines an “expert”?

An expert is someone who has a great deal of hands-on technical experience and understands what works and why. They’ve been there and built that.

Experts have cautionary tales to share – they’ve learned it all the hard way. They know how things can break and the effort it takes to fix again.

Experts love to pass on their knowledge and help others. They are leaders, teachers, and trusted advisors.

Their experience is a valuable asset to any project.

You’re probably already an expert if:

  • Friends are always asking you for your tech support.
  • You know your favorite digital marketing tools well, but you’re always learning something new.
  • You enjoy solving technical challenges.
  • You enjoy teaching others, especially beginners.
  • Clients describe you as an excellent communicator, trustworthy and empathetic.

What’s the time commitment?

You don’t need to quit your day job. This is a very part-time gig that can easily fit in your spare time. An hour here, and hour there.

This is virtual contract work, on-demand. You can pick up just 1 hour a month or 10 hours a month of work, depending on how in-demand your skills are.

Experts select their own availability – if you’re only free on Thursday afternoons that’s cool. Evenings and weekends? No problem.

You’ll always have full control over which hours any client can request a meeting. Your availability is synced with your Google Calendar, so we’ll never double-book you.

Who is Anita Expert LLC?

Anita Expert is a woman-led web consultancy. (Say that three times fast.)

Our distributed company was founded in Detroit in 2019 by Laura Eagin, a WordPress developer, entrepreneur and teacher.

The Anita Expert team has grown to include experts all over North America and happy clients from around the world.

What do we do?

We offer 1-hour help sessions to small businesses and entrepreneurs. By teaching our clients in real time, step-by-step, through videochat we give them the best possible result with a small price tag.

web expert online meeting with a pro

A 1 hour help session starts at $99 – and saves clients countless hours of Googling or having to hire expensive agencies to get to the same conclusions.

We share what we know with small businesses and entrepreneurs who need expert technical support, and they need it fast.

If you like helping folks conquer their digital marketing fears – apply.

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